The sun21 crew at the press conference after their arrival in New York (Beat von Scarpatetti, David Senn, Michel Thonney, Martin Vosseler, Mark Wüst, from the left)
Arrival in New York City
The mayor of Miami, Manuel A. Diaz, presents the crew the Keys to the City of Miami.
Arrival at Martinique.
The sun21 heading to Martinique.
On the way to the Canary Islands.
Due to a storm the sun21 sought refuge in the harbour of Casablanca (Morocco).


Mar 21, 2007: Navigating around reefs

20°C / 68°F
Position:23° 95' N-76° 32' W
Wind: 54km/h

Despite heavy winds, we reached Little Farmer Island one of the Northern Exuma Islands.

Who is navigating in the Bahamas is well advised to start with the first daylight and to arrive before dark. The Northern part of the Bahamas is a huge plain covered by 6 to 10 feet of seawater and hundreds of small flat islands. A sweet one of them had a diameter of about 40 feet. Beat wanted to put his foot on it and declare it as "outre-mer" territory of the Republic of Basel. As expression of this independent endeavor, he wanted to hoist the Basel flag (see historic remarks of the last reports).

Most of the day, we floated through this shallow 4 to 10 feet deep waters. What a privilege to glide hours and hours through the spring-clear, tender, blue-green-turquoise sea! Only flat boats with a minimal draught can enter this unique zone – "sun21": draught of less than three feet. Consequently, we were alone all day long. One must navigate very carefully here. We are standing in front of the deck as lookout. In the beginning, we were alarmed by dark spots and also "dark reefs" and intended to make a detour round them: These were shadows of clouds. Attention, another small double reef at backboard: Two dolphins! Despite very heavy North wind, we arrived in time at the Little Farmer Island, one of the Northern Exuma Islands. Several sea currents come together there, like a square with crossings of different sea passages.

Beginning of spring today, the days grow longer, but it is rather cool. Strong winds from Northeast are holding us back here – the only option is to take it how it is. Our boat is not a bulldozer overrunning every obstacle like 20-30-knots winds with raw force. Time for an island excursion: 60 people live here; a small store with two shelves, half empty. The bar is an old cottage with two benches in front of it, the
airport, an airstrip, the wreck of a small airplane, an open gazebo with a table and a suitcase on it that waits for its owner, nobody there, nothing else there. The owner of the ocean view inn, a really nice restaurant with a brand new blue-green paint, gives us the flag of the island as a gift. "Oh, from Switzerland. There are only two real democracies in the world where people can truly vote on issues, budgets
etc.: Switzerland and Libya!" He is also active to preserve the Bahamas Land and Water Park, a National Park at Warderick Well Cay that is threatened by tourism projects and other "developments". He tells us the story of the stranded sailboat that we saw approaching the island. 207 Haitian refugees fled out of their homeland, and their boat capsized here some days ago. All of them could be saved. They were brought to Nassau.




We at SEAS are colsely watching the activities of your great initiatives toards the progress and developments of the SOLAR ENERGY which is the NATURAL SOURCE provided by the creater of the planet earth. The use of solar energy ics the only energy which can help us in reducing the global worming. No doubt at this moment the project is passing under a cretical moments but we are sure your determination and the STROUNG WILL OF THE DAUNTING SAILORS ON BOARD every momentory hurdalls will be over soon!

God Bless you all

S. Naiz Ahmed


Solar Energy Awareness Society Pakistan

Phone: 92 21 4854117

Cell: 92 0300 2864011

cody johnsoon:

i thank your boat is a nice boat


Hi to you all From Waitikubuli,

isnt the bahamas wonderful?

I did that trip in the oposite direction in 1992...yes I had the same feelings and experience that you, Martin have written.

yes its just as you say a wonderful plain skimmed over with crystal clear water...

My sister, her husband and 3 boys live in the Bahamas she is a an MD as well do look her up when you are in Nassua

Kindest regards



avec tout ce qu'on vous voit manger on aurait dû installer un pédalo d'appoint pour vous faire perdre toutes ces calories et puis le pédalo c'est vraiment écologique !!! bonne fin de croisière !