The sun21 crew at the press conference after their arrival in New York (Beat von Scarpatetti, David Senn, Michel Thonney, Martin Vosseler, Mark Wüst, from the left)
Arrival in New York City
The mayor of Miami, Manuel A. Diaz, presents the crew the Keys to the City of Miami.
Arrival at Martinique.
The sun21 heading to Martinique.
On the way to the Canary Islands.
Due to a storm the sun21 sought refuge in the harbour of Casablanca (Morocco).


Feb 01, 2007: Security on board

25°C / 77°F
Position:14° 57' N-58° 24' W
Wind: 27km/h

Safety on board of the "sun21"

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Bob Pellegrini:

Nice work , you are proving " It can be done ." I look forward to meeting you when you dock in Miami . I have fresh Carambola , ( Star fruit ) in my trees and would like to bring some to you when you arrive . Will you let us know where you'll dock ? Good luck . Bob Pellegrini

Daniel Trolliet:

We never doubt about your success! It was very exciting to follow you during this crossing with our pupils. Congratulations to the whole team and especially to Mark!.


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