The sun21 crew at the press conference after their arrival in New York (Beat von Scarpatetti, David Senn, Michel Thonney, Martin Vosseler, Mark Wüst, from the left)
Arrival in New York City
The mayor of Miami, Manuel A. Diaz, presents the crew the Keys to the City of Miami.
Arrival at Martinique.
The sun21 heading to Martinique.
On the way to the Canary Islands.
Due to a storm the sun21 sought refuge in the harbour of Casablanca (Morocco).


Apr 15, 2007: We and the animals

24°C / 75°F
Position:33° 05′N -79° 28′W
Wind: 75km/h

The encounters with animals are part of the highlights of our journey, some of them we filmed for you during our trip on the Intracoastel Waterway:

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R. Townsend, Daufuskie Island, S.C. :

Your journey and mission are truly worth global notice. It was regretable that you were not able to join us on Daufuskie, SC but it is great to learn from what you are doing. May we ALL!-take note and follow your lead!

K. Henel, Staten Island, New York:

This is a beautiful thing you are doing and it is important that people see it! I wonder why we have not switched completely to solar power? It seems like we've had these alternatives for years and we just don't use them enough. Wind power, solar power etc. Good Luck and Thank you for your work!

Marianne New from Maine:


Yes, why don't we have solar pover for our cars yet?

Thanks! Warm wishes & Love!


Lovely pictures and a touching pleading for the creatures in this world. Thank you Martin!