The sun21 crew at the press conference after their arrival in New York (Beat von Scarpatetti, David Senn, Michel Thonney, Martin Vosseler, Mark Wüst, from the left)
Arrival in New York City
The mayor of Miami, Manuel A. Diaz, presents the crew the Keys to the City of Miami.
Arrival at Martinique.
The sun21 heading to Martinique.
On the way to the Canary Islands.
Due to a storm the sun21 sought refuge in the harbour of Casablanca (Morocco).

New York

sun21 approaching Manhattan.
The crew soaking up New York's skyline.
The solar catamaran passes the Statue of Liberty.
The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge runs between Brooklyn and Staten Island. It marks the entrance to New York Harbor.
The Statue of Liberty welcomes the crew of the sun21.
The crew celebrates completing their journey across the Atlantic.
sun21 checks out the diesel fuelled boats in the harbour.
Diesel boats such as these would not be able to travel the 3500 nautical miles that the sun21 traveled across the open sea because it would not be able to carry enough fuel for the journey.
The crew greets bystanders.
The sun21 may look small compared to the buildings but it made a huge achievement.
Martin Vosseler, physician and President of the sponsoring organisation transatlantic21, enjoys the feeling of solid ground under his feet in New York.
Michel Thonney, the boat's skipper, alights with relief in New York - he was one of the crucial people ensuring that the boat got this far.
The crew members show off their transatlantic T-shirts.
Marjorie Tiven, Commissioner of the New York City Commission for the United Nations
Christopher Flavin, President of the Worldwatch Institute, Washington DC
Ambassador Christoph Bubb, Swiss General Consul in New York
Jim Cavanaugh, President of Battery Park City
Amory Lovins, President, Rocky Mountain Institute, Snowmass Colorado
Alex Matthiessen, Hudson Riverkeeper and Riverkeeper Executive Director
Michel Thonney, skipper, holds his speech at the harbor.
Professor David Senn shares his impressions with the audience.
Mark Wüst, skipper and ship builder, describes his experiences with enthusiasm.
Martin Vosseler, physician and President of the sponsoring organisation transatlantic21, takes to the microphone.
Beat von Scarpatetti, a committed supporter of renewable energy, who like Martin Vosseler traveled the whole distance from Basel to New York in the sun21, adds his words.
David Senn, Mark Wüst and Michel Thonney toast the sun21's arrival in New York.
René Kamm, CEO Messe Schweiz (left) and Hervé Trellu, CEO SOMFY Northern Europe (right)
Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, current Dean of the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, UC Santa Barbara, and President of the World Clean Energy Awards Jury.
The World Clean Energy Awards - announcement of the nominations. Musical accompaniment by Simon Estes and I Salonisti courtesy of Somfy.
Martin Vosseler, President of Transatlantic 21, speaks at the Awards nomination ceremony.
Beat von Scarpatetti, President of the Club of the Carfree and member of transatlantic21.
Michael L. Lee, President and CEO Somfy North America, announces the World Clean Energy Awards nominees in the Construction category.
René Kamm, CEO Messe Schweiz
The head of the transatlantic21 association, Daniela Schlettwein-Gsell, speaks at the World Clean Energy Awards nomination ceremony. Transatlantic21 was the driving force behind the sun21 solar boat and the World Clean Energy Awards.
Daniela Schlettwein-Gsell presents the donation certificate to WWF Spain, represented by the Secretary General Juan Carlos del Olmo. Transatlantic21 donated the sun21 solar boat to the WWF to assist them in their oceanology studies.
Juan Carlos del Olmo expresses his thanks for the donation of the solar boat to WWF.
Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, German author and professor, announces the nominees for the World Clean Energy Awards.
Alex Matthiessen, Hudson Riverkeeper and Riverkeeper Executive
Martin Vosseler, sun21 crew member, and Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker enjoying the successful Awards nomination ceremony.